Welcome to Spiritual Alchemy, a website dedicated to promoting healthy businesses which provide an excellent customer service, reliable processes and deserve to be shouted about!

Spiritual means we’re focusing on providing a positive spin on the world – we want to shout about services we don’t know, but may have stumbled across or been told about. Alchemy, because we’re talking about wealth for people and businesses.  By providing this service we’re aiming to encourage others to interact with smaller, more personable businesses that we believe deserve credit for what they provide.
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Website Review Service

We care about accurate and relevant reviews for each business and that’s why we take extra care over reviewing websites and businesses. Often we can review businesses for several weeks or even months, so don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer than you would like. 
We review multiple elements including, the age of the website, if there are any viruses, user experience, service/ products provided, company history and more.

The reason we do this is to compare, on a like-for-like basis, what each website looks like and how the business performs. We want to ensure a healthy rating system which accurately reflects the business.


We’re not funded by third party companies and provide this service as a free opportunity to promote other companies offering a great service.


We love charities; they follow the same mantra about giving back as we do and promote plenty of charities. If you would like to include your charity then please get in touch. We will need you to supply records of your charitable status alongside your submission.