About Us

We created Spiritual Alchemy to support a variety of businesses, charities and organisations offering a wonderful, positive service and to help them shout about their services. We rely on donations, volunteers and support ourselves to maintain our online service.

What Do We Do?

In short, we discuss the positives and negatives of businesses and organisations throughout the world. The primary purpose is to showcase brilliant companies and review organisations we love! There are plenty of great companies out there so if we can tell others about their service we’ll be happy to do so.
Because we’re supported by a small team it can take time for your review to be processed, coupled with the fact we look into over 60 different metrics to evaluate a business, its services and history. Don’t worry if your organisation doesn’t have a 20 year track record or the best performance on review websites, we look deeper than the superficial.

Our Goals

To provide an accurate service, which translates to our audience.
To explain in detail what we believe and why we believe it.
To review websites and businesses as quickly as possible.

Our Mission

To inform people about excellent businesses, organisations and charities providing exceptional support and sensational services worth shouting about. We don’t discriminate against location, size of organisation or age of the company – but focus on the hottest, relevant and top-notch businesses going above and beyond.